5/15    ~ultrasound reveals heart located on right side

5/21    ~fetal-echocardiogram reveals CDH diagnosis
             ~fetal non-stress test passed
             ~steroid injection

5/22    ~steroid injection 

5/24   ~fetal non-stress test passed

5/27    ~fetal non-stress test passed
             ~meet the Norfolk surgical team & neonatologist
             ~tour NICU

5/30    ~meet the Charlottesville surgical team
              ~meet the Charlottesville high risk OB team 
              ~meet the Charlottesville neonatologist & tour NICU

6/3       ~fetal non-stress test passed

6/6       ~fetal non-stress test passed 

6/10     ~fetal non-stress test passed

6/13     ~fetal non-stress test passed 

6/16     ~fetal echocardiogram reveals sufficient
                 right lung tissue
              ~relocated to Charlottesville for UVA delivery 

6/19     ~fetal echocardiogram & non-stress test passed

6/23     ~fetal non-stress test passed

6/25    ~visit from Aunt Liz & Uncle Rusty
              ~Wilson ladies arrive for birth 

6/26    ~C-section delivery at 9am
              ~Weight 8lb 11.5oz
              ~Jude intubated upon arrival
              ~ASD diagnosis
              ~weak left ventricle diagnosis

6/27    ~Grandparents meet Jude 

6/28    ~Mom feeds Jude .4ml
              ~opens eyes for first time

6/30    ~Visit from Aunt Liz & Uncle Rusty

7/1        ~discontinued all heart medications

7/3      ~CDH surgical repair
             ~no patch needed
7/4      ~Visit from the Cannady's
             ~Doctor informs us Jude's left lung will make near
                full recovery by the age of 2 
7/7      ~ventilator removed
             ~breathing on his own
             ~first cry 

7/9      ~begins eating

7/10    ~chest tube removed
             ~hold Jude for the first time
             ~begin aggressive weaning from Fentanyl

7/11     ~first bath

7/12    ~NG tube inserted
            ~new bed

7/14    ~Jude pulls out NG tube

7/15    ~moved from critical care to intensive care
             ~NG feeding tube reinserted
             ~Completely weaned from Fentanyl

7/18     ~discharged from NICU
              ~visit from the Wilson's
              ~1st outing to neighborhood park
              ~home from Charlottesville

7/20     ~1st Sunday service

7/22    ~Doctor visit with Suffolk Pediatrics
              ~Weight 8lb 12oz  

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