Thursday, December 18, 2014

prayers for Jude...

"You are my strength; I wait for You to rescue me,
for You, O God, are my place of safety." 
 Psalm 59:9 

Just a little update on our Jude...

On December 11th, Jude had a follow-up examination with the neonatologist at CHKD. This is a visit scheduled for all NICU babies to chart their progress and to begin any early intervention if necessary. 
When Jude turned 3 months,  we began to notice that his muscle strength was not progressing. I've never paid much attention to my children meeting milestones because they were always doing something new in infancy.  Unfortunately, Jude has been different.
We first noticed that he appears spongy. It makes for a sweet cuddler but the development of his motor skills were obviously lacking. He doesn't reach out and grab things, his head is still floppy, and his right arm and leg are lazy. He hasn't begun to turn over and tires quickly when lifting his head.
The nurse scored him at a 2 month level even though he was 5 1/2 months at our visit. The doctors noted hypotonia (low muscle tone) suggesting a muscle disorder or disease. I hoped for an explanation such as a slow start or major abdominal surgery to be the cause but that doesn't seem to be the case.  
Physical and occupational therapy are beginning in January and we already have an appointment scheduled with the neurologist.  
We're all just soaking in the sweetness of this little guy. 
We'd be grateful for your prayers, once again, for sweet Jude.  ~Jen   

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