Tuesday, August 12, 2014

remembering his wonderful works...

"He hath made His wonderful works to be remembered: the Lord is
gracious and full of compassion."  Psalm 111: 4

Thank you all for your prayers today...Mama had an over-concerned moment.

I think it was a legit concern regarding that egg-shaped lump on the left-side of his little belly. I put a call into his surgeon and we took another field trip to the pediatric doctor this morning. Then we saddled up for a few x-rays which the surgeon had previously ordered for our upcoming, follow-up visit. All looked well. Jude also had gained another 13 ounces!  
When we were discharged from UVA, I had a feeling we'd be taking a few unnecessary trips to the doctor. It just comes with the territory, I suppose. Last night, I was determined to refrain from replaying another operation and NICU stay so thank you for your prayers. We really felt peace amid the concern.
Days like this cause us to revisit this entire experience...remembering the fullness of the Lord's wonderful works. He has certainly been gracious and full of compassion! Even through the long, sleepless nights, we are so grateful to have Jude home with us!  

This morning a sweet and savory surprise showed up at our door. It generated many smiles from lots of "littles" at our house! We snapped a picture (above) to remind us of these unexpected blessings that continue to arrive. 
The note attached read, "Paul, Jen, and Family, Helene and I have been following your family's amazing journey on your website. Jude has endured more in his few short weeks on earth than most people do in a lifetime. This has and continues to truly be a blessing. Please enjoy with our best wishes. Stan and Helene"  
Yes, Jude has been a trooper indeed! Thank you Stan, Helene and all of you who shared these weeks with us in the uncertainties and in the rejoicing!  ~Jen   

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