Tuesday, August 12, 2014

treasured words of encouragement...

These are a small part of an ongoing collection of encouraging words we've received during our journey with Jude...

Dear Paul and Jenn,
How appropriately you have named this sweet little one... and may the Lord continue to give us all cause for an abundance of praise. While I know that passing through this trial hour by hour is difficult beyond expression for you, we have already seen by your own testimony great causes for praise to the Lord. We are on the road and quite busy (Alabama now, then headed to Kentucky before back home next week) but I daily check the blog and share the updates with my family. We have been and are praying much for you and for that precious little boy and the rest of the children. May the Lord continue to give you all strength and joy as you proceed forward through the coming days of recovery for Jude. Thanks to Paul for the great pictures and to Jenn for the heart felt and personal glimpses into your lives-- in some small way making it possible for us to "visit" you and to "be there" when we are physically so many miles apart. May tonight bring you rest and peace in Him and energy and hope anew for tomorrow. With great love and fervent prayer, The Clouds
Blessings to you and your family, especially Baby Jude.  I talked to Rita tonight for about 45 minutes and she brought me up to date on Jude's condition.  Isn't God good to have put calling her on my heart! Be assured that we join you all in prayer and thanksgiving for Jude's life.  May God guide the surgeon's hands and minds during tomorrow's surgery and calm your whole family with His blessed balm of peace.  May you all rest in His goodness, grace, and boundless love.  I have sent messages to my family and friends regarding Jude's surgery and please know that we will be in continual prayer during his surgery and recovery.  Much love to you all, Martha 

Thank you so much for keeping your prayer warriors and friends updated. Writing about such a present grief is not easy. Lord God, please be giving this family so much of Your shelter in the midst of this storm. Might Jude become strong and a powerful warrior for Your Kingdom. April Holliday
Very hopeful indeed. I remember preparing the house for my absence and time in NICU. Never prepared enough. Spend these few weeks doing crafts with the kids, reading, cuddling, praying together, just time together doing little things. That's how I found was the best way to prepare. Someone can always make that grocery store or Target/Walmart run for you. Enjoy your kids. Also very important. Date nights. Once twice a week now until birth. We took time even for a walk or coffee. So glad we did going into this time of NICU and homecoming time. Know we are praying and The Lord is surrounding you with support in all forms. Some you won't even know about until you are in the thick of it all. He is gracious, merciful, and cares lovingly for His own. I am here if you need me! Praying in the meantime.  Shannon Robison

Liz told me about the baby and I want you to know that my family and I are praying for all of you.  We are asking God for a supernatural healing and complete peace for you all.
God Bless, Cyndy Hall
Good luck baby Jude, we are praying for you and your doctors. Jennifer
Its a long journey, but you have a true angel!! Thinking about you guys every day!! Sending lots of prayers and oxoxoxo -Jolin

It was good to see you yesterday at church. May the Lord continue to strengthen Jude for all of life ahead of him. Paul Mathews
Taking Jude's precious pic with me to our healing prayer service tonight! Love you all! Kristy Bailey

Jen, your God-given strength is amazing and is a true testament to His power and grace. I choke up every time I try to tell my husband updates about Jude and your family. Praying for you and missing you on this beautiful Sunday. Megan Oswald

What a precious little fellow. May The Lord's hand of mercy and grace be upon his little body for healing and health...and quick too. Mary Jalbert
He is precious. I am praying for him, that he astounds the doctors with a miraculous healing and recovery. Meredith Hammer
God bless Jude, Jennifer, Paul, Abi, Lizzie, John, Bella, Ruby and Eva Hope. Hope each day Jude will get stronger. Barbara Kubricky
God's grace is raining down upon you. Wow...what He is doing and is going to do! I am so glad to be a small part of this journey y'all are going through, even though I'm far away. April Holliday

We love you all from the Battles. To God be the glory for the blessing of Jude for your lives and ours! The Battles
We were remembering you all in prayer tonight at church. So glad we have an Almighty Father to commit you to! We'll continue to pray. Psalm 46  Jennifer Nicholes
Dave & I are getting ready to pray for you all. Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I am God. The Holliday's
I will be praying for You Jennifer! God's loving arms are around you. Stacy Splees
I am so happy to hear that the surgery went so well! Thank You, God. -April  
Let Jude know that Macy is crying OUT LOUD on his behalf...almost all day yesterday! Maybe they made a little agreement about her doing this since she's cried more since his birth than ever before! We'll have to ask when we all get to heaven. : ) Marcella Butler
God is sovereign, Jen. Take your peace. Hang on to it! Christ has overcome this cruel world. Jude is safe and so are you. There is no sting. Jude is forever yours and God's no matter what happens. Love, love, love you, my sister! Marcella Butler
"My willingness to carry life is the revenge, the antidote, the great rebuttal of every murder, every abortion, and every genocide. I sustain humanity. Deep inside of me, life grows. I am death’s opposition."

Thanks again for the updates. I can't imagine the stress & sadness & gladness and all other emotions you all must be feeling. I know you have many prayers going up for you all & they will continue I know. Jennifer, also praying for rest & peace for you. I know your body has to heal too so take care of yourself...I know that must be hard for you to do but you must take care of yourself...Gigi Thornton

II Cor. 4 was my inspiration when I lost our baby last spring. Esp. verse 18: we look at eternal things, not temporal. God is doing something really wonderful and you will look back at this time as a precious, closer-to-Him-than-ever time in your life! I envy you in this way b/c I know HOW close He is to the broken hearted and those crying out for His courage. You are in a great place. Keep on tearing down the darkness with your praise!!!! Marcella Butler
Praying. I love your blog and was weeping with you over the last entry. Love you all and can't wait to see what God will do with this mighty man of God! Karen Ward
I have been reading your blog and praying for little Jude and all of you every day. It is wonderful to see our God at work. He is mighty. Mrs. Steinman
Praise God for all He has done in this baby's healing process!! I am so happy for you all & so excited that you are finally going to get to hold your precious Jude. I will continue to pray for total healing for Jude & you. Gigi Thornton
Praise the Lord, again and again. Jude is already fulfilling his call to bring praise to his Lord. Love him! Smell him and snuggle him for us too! I'm so excited about you getting to finally hold him. It's a dream you couldn't dare to dream, but now...thank you, Lord. Marcella
So glad to hear from my mom that Jude and his loving family are home. We continue to pray for his growth and development and for all the sweet caretakers at home! God bless you. Glenda Currin (Uncle Jack and Aunt Evelyn's Daughter and Grandma Rita's first cousin)
God is so good. I am so glad you all are home, sweet friends! And I cannot wait to meet your sweet boy! Lauren

What a journey! So glad he's doing great and you all are home. Look at those precious faces as they look at their brother. Butch Jalbert

Thinking of you all every day....praying always! I cannot wait to meet this little guy....xoxoxoxo Elizabeth Gable
"Paul, Jen, and Family, Helene and I have been following your family's amazing journey on your website. Jude has endured more in his few short weeks on earth than most people do in a lifetime. This has and continues to truly be a blessing. Please enjoy with our best wishes. Stan and Helene" 



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