Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Our little guy is thriving well in the womb. With many ultrasounds and stress tests he continues to show growth. Hope. The doctors are still only seeing one lung and most of the bowel in the upper cavity, so that proves to be a great challenge. I can't help but to think how stressful those first hours and weeks will be for him but grateful for the medical help available even in this bleakness.  

I feel as though I'm planning for a storm, somewhat like a hurricane. Packing, shopping, organizing the best I can so the rest of the crew will carry on despite the void of "regular life"...whatever that is. Just shopping for all of the little things that eight people need over the course of a few months is compelling, to say the least.

Paul is cramming in a ton of work so he might have a little extra flexibility to be with us in Charlottesville. Abi's music students are also understanding. As for the younger crew, one more plus for "the books" to homeschool, I suppose...not to worry with those schedules in the midst, etc. In the meantime, I've packed away all of the newborn outfits that he is sure not to wear. But all of the upper sizes, I left in their places....hope. 
Loved...that is what we all feel the most. The phone calls, prayers, offers to help, and little extras from so many that keep saying, "you are loved." Good friends, sound and stable, sensible, firmly established....wow, what a blessing...it means so much. We have hope.  

Sound messages on BBN and at church are so uplifting. What a privileged people we are to be able to be ministered to without persecution. How much we take that for granted in our everyday, (& sadly) complacent lives.  
For now, all is calm. The children don't know life from the cheerful norm and Jude is here, so fully here...moving joyfully in my tummy.  Sweet, sweet hope for tomorrow...  ~Jen

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  1. Jen,

    What a wonderful testimony God is creating in all of your lives. All those around you including myself are blessed.

    ...your sister in Christ,
    Christina Battle.