Friday, June 20, 2014

shedding the dross....

"For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory."  2 Corinthians 4:17

We eventually made it to Charlottesville...some sooner than later.  After a "little" move-in, some clean-up, and grocery shopping, we are settled. It was also an extra blessing that Abi arrived with the later shift because she brought about 101 items I had forgotten.
My first morning here rendered some frustration as I attempted downtown appointments and landed nowhere to park the epic family van. It didn't quite squeeze into the parking garage and since I'm not skilled at parallel parking such a monstrosity, I regretfully cancelled and waited for Abi's car to arrive. 
So, yesterday we saw Jude for the last time inside my belly. He was practicing his breathing and appeared very strong passing all of his tests. I'll eagerly hear his heartbeat once more on Monday with the last scheduled NST. I'll cherish that 20 minutes more than I can express.
It was a delight to finally have the crew back together again. Now that we're reunited, I've been made to endure trips to Carter's Mountain, Michie's Tavern, the local park, and farmer's market. No sympathy for the preggo! By being crammed into this tiny apartment, we are quickly discovering how loud we are...hoping our neighbors will extend us much needed grace in this area.
We are pleased with the high risk maternal fetal medicine team we've been connected with. The lady doctor I met with yesterday is the "one" I've been searching for since moving back to VA. She was real, compassionate, and had a mama's heart. She reminded me of the unforgettable midwives I left behind in TX. Oh, those days of easy home-birth were dreamy. (don't look back, Jen)

Paul has been bugging me to allow him to test out his photography skills by snapping some photos of me with Jude in-utero. Last night I surrendered and with some minor substitutions and adjustments, we managed to get a few. It takes 30 seconds to snap each one, patiently waiting for the light to outline my profile. It was fun and I'm sure I'll look back later and be thankful for the memorable pictures. Not often do I pose at 9 months for portraits but it was truly special.
So, here we are in Charlottesville. This family time is already proving precious. I'm certain none of us will  regret deciding to lay down our summer to share this season together with Jude's first moments.  We already miss our church family, comfy beds, outdoor garden, and even the bacon press but we embrace this time with anticipation and joy. We're fully aware it could be a decade before we might possibly begin to understand the lessons the Lord will show us through the coming months, but we choose still to be untied from the dock of our own dross and sail out onto those transforming waves with the Lord gently leading us all of the way.
Thank you all for your continued prayers.  ~Jen


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